• Anderson School District One Licensure Renewal Tips
    All renewal credits must support the educator's Professional Growth and Development Plan. This plan will be reviewed and approved by the educator's designated administrator in the school or district in which they are currently employed. Educators who do not maintain a Professional Growth Plan will work through the DTQ-SDE for their recertification.


    An educator must earn 120 credits during the five year validity of their certificate to renew a S.C. licensure renewal. Those credits must align with the Renewal Credit Matrix (listed above), and the educator must follow the Anderson School District One Credit Renewal Plan.


    It is the responsibility of the educator to obtain documentation for licensure renewal and submit it to Mrs. Lori Black at the District Office to be added to your PDExpress transcript. You should monitor your PDExpress transcript for points earned to ensure 120 credits are earned by the end of the renewal period.


    For Licensees Holding Less than a Master's Degree:
    For teachers with less than a Master's Degree a minimum of 60 renewal credits (three semester hours) must be earned through college credit and meet the eligibility criteria of Option 1 (College Credit) of the Certificate Renewal Matrix. The credits must be earned at the graduate level.


    For Licensees Holding a Master's Degree:
    120 credits may be accrued in any combination of the 11 options. College credit may be taken but is not required.


    For Licensees Holding a National Board Certificate:
    A teacher may earn their NBC renewal (see http://www.nbpts.org) through the NBPTS. If a teacher chooses not to renew their NBC, that teacher must earn 120 renewal credits during the last five years of their NBC validity period to renew his/her SC professional educator's certificate.


    All documentation for licensure renewal should be submitted to Mrs. Lori Black at the District Office. If you did not receive any documentation from the sponsor of the activity you may send a renewal credit verification form.  Please attach any information that you may have about the activity to the form and have your principal sign for approval before you turn it in. If you have earned credit from a college course you must forward a copy of your official transcripts to the District Office and the SC State Department of Education.  A request for change/action form will also need to be submitted to the Office of Educator Services when forwarding your transcript to the state department.

    When an educator leaves a district, all earned credit must be entered by that district so it is reflected in the Certification Portal System. Please contact Mrs. Lori Black before your last day of employment.


    Once an educator enters a new district, that educator must have credits, not previously entered on the CPS, reviewed, verified, approved and entered by the district currently employing that educator.


    Non-employed educators may only earn renewal credits through options 1 and 2 (coursework) of the renewal matrix. Official transcripts and documentation must be sent to the Office of Educator Services.


    Anderson School District One will enter renewal credit from your PDExpress transcript into the Certification Portal System. Renewals will be processed after February 1st of the expiration year. A copy of the renewed certificate will be printed immediately and forwarded to the license holder. To obtain an original copy of your renewed certificate, you must submit a request for change/action form along with payment to the Office of Educator Services.

    For questions about re-certification please contact:

    Mrs. Lori Black
    Licensure Renewal Coordinator for Anderson School District One