• Immunization Requirements

    All students must have a valid immunization record to attend school.  All students with incomplete certificates will be excluded from school.

     All children attending school must have a South Carolina Certificate of Immunization.  This certificate must be brought to the school within 30 days of your child starting school.  No exceptions are made to this per South Carolina State LawThis certificate can be obtained from your child’s physician or from a county health department. Upon bringing an immunization certificate to the school, the school nurse will review the number of vaccines and dates given.  If the received vaccines do not meet the state requirement, you will be notified and an updated certificate will be required.  A list of the required immunizations can be found  under "important health forms" or on the district site under "parents, then health forms".  Please note: 3K and 4K is considered day-care according to DHEC and is listed separate from the school list.

    When Not To Send Your Child to School

    There may be times when your child is sick and doesn’t need to attend school. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has developed an exclusion list of illnesses when a child must be kept out of school. The list includes length of exclusion and if physician follow-up and medical note is required before a student may return to school. The exclusion list may be found under "important health forms". Please note K4 is considered day-care, according to DHEC, and is listed separately from the school list. If you have any questions, contact the school nurse.
     Click here for DHEC's exclusion brochure for parents.

    General Rule for School Exclusion K thru 5

    Pink-eye:  Send home only if they have a fever, severe eye pain, or too sick to participate.

    Diarrhea:  Send home for 3 or more episodes in 24 hours (2 or more times for children that need hygiene assistance) for children in grades K-5.  Return to school 24 hours after resolved.

    Fever:  Send home if temp> 100.0.  Return when fever free for 24 hours without meds.

    Lice:  Send home if live lice found.  May remain in classroom until end of day if can’t reach parents.  Can return after treatment and checked by nurse.

    Impetigo:  Exclude until 24 hours of antibiotics.

    Pertusis (Whooping cough):  Exclude until on antibiotics for 5 days, unless diagnosis after 21 days of onset.

    Scabies:  Exclude until treated.

    Strep Throat:  Exclude until 24 hours of antibiotics.

    Chicken Pox:  Exclude until 24 hours of last lesion appearing.

    Vomiting:  Exclude after 2 or more times. May return when resolved.  A single episode with no other symptoms does not need to be excluded.

     If you have questions about any of the above information, contact the school nurse @ 850-5950.