• Guided Reading
    A large part of school is teaching students the critical skill of becoming fluent readers. Guided reading is incorporated into the balanced literacy schedule to allow teachers to meet the needs of all students by working with a small group of students who share the same reading behaviors and can read similar texts.  Each student is leveled through assessments. A score of 90%-94% accuracy is considered his/her instructional level . Small group instruction is then based on each student’s instructional reading level. Instructional focus is on meaning  (comprehension) and the use of problem solving strategies to decode unknown words. At all levels students should be reading orally for a minimum of 20 minutes a night. Oral reading increases fluency and ultimately helps students read a variety of texts with ease and deeper meaning. The following links will lead to information sheets that will help parents understand the skills being learned and practiced at each level. The sheets will also give parents some tips to help children with reading at home.