Media Center Rules 
    Students are expected to follow school rules at all times.  Additionally, in the Media Center, the following three rules are posted.  
    1. Be ready. (This means to always come prepared to learn.  If students are asked to bring items such as pencil and paper for our lesson, each student should have those items when they enter the room.)
    2. Be respectful. (This means that if the teacher is talking, the students should be listening, not discussing other things.  This also means that when a student is answering a question or giving information in a discussion time, other students as well as the teacher, should be listening to the student who is speaking.  We also should keep our hands and feet to ourselves.)
    3. Be responsible. (This means that if a student makes a wrong choice and misbehaves, he is responsible for his action.  It also reminds students that they are responsible for returning their library books each week.)