When a student returns to school after having been absent, he or she is required to bring in a written excuse within one week (seven days) of the absence.  The excuse should be on a full sheet of paper and signed by a parent or guardian.  This excuse is to be turned in to the office.  If a student is absent from school and treated by a doctor, the student should bring a doctor's excuse/note to be turned in to the attendance office.
    Beginning with the 2008-09 school year, the Anderson County Board of Education has changed the guidelines for Perfect Attendance awards.  “Perfect Attendance” is now defined as no absences from or tardies to school for the entire school year.  A “Faithful Attendance” award will be presented to students having two or fewer absences or tardies combined for the entire school year. 
    Students and parents are reminded that according to South Carolina law, absences are classified as lawful or unlawful.  The following are examples of lawful absences:
    1. students who are ill and whose attendance in school would endanger their health or the health of others,
    2. students in whose immediate family there is a serious illness or death, and
    3. students who choose to recognize certain religious holidays of their faith.


    Unlawful absences are defined as a student's willful absence from school without the knowledge of the parents, or a student's absence from school without cause with the knowledge of the parent.
    In accordance with the Anderson School District One attendance policy, cases involving excessive numbers of unexcused absences will be referred to the county attendance office and/or the courts.