•  Justin Patterson


    Grade: 8th
    Phone: (864) 269-1821 ext. 585
    Fax: (864) 269-0795
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       I am Justin Patterson and I teach 8th Grade Social Studies here at Powdersville Middle School. I have been at Powdersville Middle School teaching in other positions for the past 3 years so I have gotten to know many of the students. I am a former student of Powdersville Middle School and I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach alongside some of the teachers who taught me. To give you some background information about myself, I graduated from Southern Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. I recently obtained an add-on certification for middle level social studies. I am married to a beautiful woman named Maggie. Maggie and I have two precious girls named Jayden and Jocelynn. I also coach football at Powdersville High School with the Varsity and Junior Varsity programs.
       I believe that social studies presents teachers with a different set of challenges that are not always found in other content areas. Often times, students feel that social studies, and more specifically history, is not relevant to their current lives or their future needs. Understanding history and culture is a great goal however, this is not always enough for students to be intrigued. Students need to know how the content they are being taught can help them develop as people. Students are going to ask, "when am I ever going to need to use this information?" As a social studies teacher, it is my duty to help them leave the classroom wondering, "what lessons can I learn from the past to help myself and my generation make better decisions in the future?" My goal is to get students excited about the world and help them see the role they can have in making the world a more equal and just place. I want to help them express their ideas powerfully and to help them see that social studies is about real peoples' lives and about their relationship to each other. 
    Feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns.