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    Miss Freeman  

    Mrs. Anna Ashmore
    School: Powdersville Elementary  
    Grade: 4th
    Room: 306
    Phone: 864-269-4431
    Fax: 864-269-4426
    Twitter:  @MrsAshmorePVES

         Welcome to Powdersville Elementary! Thank you for visiting our class homepage! I am so excited for a new year in 4th grade, and I hope that you are too! My mission for our class is to promote life-long learning and to create a classroom community where each student feels safe, valued, and respected, while learning to work together as a team to accomplish classroom goals and ensure academic success for each individual. I also desire and strive for each student to develop into global thinkers and to gain essential life-skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, integrity, a strong work ethic, and good interpersonal skills.  I am so excited that we will have the opportunity to learn and explore the use of iPads inside and outside the classroom this year! We will study math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.
         Please take a moment to browse through this site and preview the upcoming year! This website can be a great resource for both the parents and students. Throughout the school year, I will post classroom resources that can be used to help students increase their understanding in content areas, as well as helping them study for upcoming tests and assignments. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, questions, or concerns that you may have! I cannot wait to have an extremely fun and successful year!