• Anderson School District One is lucky enough to have a full-time Registered Nurse in each school.  We recognize that healthy students learn better.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health, please contact your school nurse directly.  It is very important to report any illness, allergy or condition that your child has that may require medical attention during the school day. 

    It is also important that the school has the correct contact numbers in case they need to reach a parent/guardian.  Please update numbers at registration and in parent portal or the school office as often as needed. 


    Flu Sheet English

    Flu Sheet Spanish


    Medications at School:

    All medications must be delivered to the School Nurse or school employee by the student’s parent/legal guardian/designated adult.  All prescription medication must have a medication form filled out and signed by the parent and physician.  All non-prescription medication must have a form filled out and signed by the parent, and may not exceed package directions.  All medications must be in the original container.  The medication forms are located under “Health Forms”. Please contact your school nurse with any questions. 

    Please see “Health Forms” for other important school health information.