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    Grade: K-5 Intellectual-Moderate Classroom
    Email: barberc@apps.anderson1.org
    School Phone: (864) 269-4431
    Teacher Assistants: Mary O'Shields, Melinda Brown, Rebecca Adams
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         Hello Everyone! My name is Cheyenne Barber, but my favorite people call me Miss B. I began teaching in this room as a student teacher is 2018, under one of the best teachers I have ever had, Miss Marino. The way she loved her students and inspired miraculous growth in them changed my life. When she got engaged and planned her move out of state, I was asked to fill her shoes. I could not have known the beautiful journey ahead for me. God knows what we need to grow more like His Son, and He allowed me to learn from my students. One of the best things about teaching for me has been growing with my students. As we get to know one another and work together, learning happens, not only in acadmics. Students, teachers, staff, and families have so much to learn from the special needs population. They are some of God's greatest gifts to teach us about communication, resilience, patience, faith, hope, and love. Since my introduction to the world of special needs, I have aimed to do my best to love and serve the individuals and families who have blessed me so much.
    Here is a little about me:
         I am originally from Huntington Beach, California, but I've lived in South Carolina for nine years. I like to say I've experienced the best of both worlds, the city and the country! I graduated from Anderson University in May 2019 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Special Education. I began working with individudals and families with special needs through the Special Olympics. Since beginning to coach my freshman year of college, I have grown more passionate about sharing with others the amazing ABILITIES of my friends with special needs. My heart has been overwhelmed by their love, and my students continuously teach me everyone is made perfect and with purpose. Therefore, my goal as a teacher is to encourage my students, their families, and this wonderful community to recognize the inspiring special needs community.
         I am also an Apple Certified Teacher, with school and work experience teaching special needs in elementary, middle, and high school settings. I have taught Kindergarteners in a school setting in Zambia (as pictured) for two weeks, as well as worked with exceptional children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Teaching and children are passions and gifts to me.
         For fun, I love to do anything outdoors! I enjoy hiking, kayaking, riding horses, and boating at the lake! I currently live in Anderson with my parents, sister, and a farm of gardens, goats, and bees. I'm a proud sister to my not-so-little brother, now an airman and student at Clemson studying to be a chaplain. I am so excited for this school year and cannot wait for all the learning and fun we are going to have!
          -Miss Barber