• General Policies and Procedures:

    Missed Homework Assignments due to Absences:
    Assignment requests should be made directly to your student's academic teachers after 2 consecutive absences. You and/or your student should also check MyHomework App, Google Drive, and Google Classroom regularly for missed work.
    Parent/Teacher Conferences:
    At PVMS we do not hold yearly parent/teacher conferences. However, at any time during the school year parents/guardians may request a conference with their student's entire academic team. Because a student may have as many as 6 academic teachers, we ask that all parent/teacher conferences be coordinated through the school counseling department. Contact your student's designated school counselor if you wish to set this up. If you would like to schedule a meeting with just one of your student's teachers, you may contact the teacher directly. 
    A student will not be considered "withdrawn" unless a parent/guardian notifies the front office. At the time of withdrawal all books and materials must be returned; all fines (iPad, lunch, etc.) must be paid. A withdrawal form will be completed and given to the parent/guardian to take to the receiving school.