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     Bausch and Lomb Fundraiser HELP NEEDED!  On April 27 We will be doing our big fundraiser for the year.  We prefer not to sell anything to raise funds for the unit, and look for fun/quick ways to make money.  

    This fundraiser is critical as we do not get funding from the school, and everything we do outside of class costs money, we have 4 active teams and every time we leave the campus, it cost at least $500.  Our teams are becoming much more competitive and require new/updated equipment.  For example sone of the rifles we use for the rifle team are 20 years old and way out of date.

    On April 27 We have been contracted by Compass Rose and organization that sets up company fun days for different organizations.  Our jobs will be to help set up, paint faces, make cotton candy, help maintain the food lines, and monitor the inflateables.  It is actually an fun day, and since it is all payed for by the company, we just have to pass out the free food, drinks, and snacks.

    We have to be onsite by 0900 Saturday morning April 27, and stay until cleanup is done @1700.  The picnic actually runs from 1000-1600.  We need a total of 50 volunteers, of which 20 must be adults, so we need your help.  One new spin this year is the will be having casino games (not for real money) for prizes, wee need 8 adults to help with the casino games, no experience necessary, and you will be in the shade.  The casino game workers are required to wear white shirts and black pants, if you want to volunteer and do not have the black and white, no problem we can help with that.

    All volnteers are required to stay the entire day, food, drinks and volunteer T-shirts are provided.  Tasteful shorts are ok, think school dress, closed toed shoes a must.  I will attach the actual flyer from Compass Rose below.

    I could also use an adult strong back or two on Friday the 26th to help supervise and set up the tents for the event.  This will take place between 1500 and 1900.

    Anyone can can help so bring a friend.  Unfortunately due to liablity issues, younger children (below high school) are not permitted to help.

    Questions, contact Master Chief Bailey 

    e-mail baileyc3@apps.anderson1.org, Work Phone (864) 850-5905, Cell (864) 430-7263.


    Thank you in advance


    Fundraiser Flyer