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Erica Bruce

My name is Erica Bruce, it has always been a dream of mine, to teach school, or help to make a difference with children in some kind of way , from all walks of life, this dream is certainly being fulfilled with my position as, ISS supervisor, someone once said that I was not getting the cream of the crop with these students, but my thoughts on that, is that anyone can change, and I have certainly seen a positive change in so many of my students, I care about them as though they are my own, regardless to what the issue may be , my goal here is to recondition them , with that being said, have you ever bought a new product vs a reconditioned product, well I can promise you that I have , and I cannot see any difference, and I feel the same way about my students.

I am married to a wonderful man, his name is Wilbur Bruce a former 30 year veteran of the Greenville County Sherriff department, and now a US Marshall Court Officer in Greenville SC, he is also the owner and operator of Air Force Heating & Air.
We have 1 child a  daughter , Valtrece Rutledge ( a graduate of USC  in Columbia) having graduated with 2 Bachelors, 2 Cognates and 2 Minors in 4 and 1/2 years, something that the Dean of the school told her was impossible, however I told her from a little girl, just like I tell my students, that all things are possible, if you only believe , the choice is yours.We also have 1 grandson Terrell he, is the apple of our eye.
I am a graduate of Anderson University, with a Bachelors in Human Services, having flipped my degree and being excepted in the Pace Program, which will allow me to teach Business, Marketing, & Computer Technology, once I take the Praxis exam and PASS it, which is still up in the air, because I love my job here, and I am not really sure if I could make a difference teaching in that area, as my heart is with my students here, and besides, I never know what students I am going to have , which helps to keep me on my toes!
We are members at Shady Grove Baptist Church In Pelzer In SC