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     I am thrilled to spend the 2018-2019 school year providing special services to both 6th and 7th grade students. It is an honor to serve the Powdersville community as I was born and raised in the area! My daily aim is for each student to leave my classroom feeling encouraged, supported, and cherished. Each student is important to me! As a recently college graduate, I hope to provide a classroom where students will critically think, receive evidence-based instruction, make real-world applications, and maximize the use of techonology. Please frequently check this webpage for changes and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  I am here to help. GO PATRIOTS! 

    About Miss Rick: 

    As a Powdersville native, I am thrilled to serve as a teacher within the Powdersville community. After graduating from Wren High School, I attended Clemson University where I obtained both my bachelor's and master's degree. GO TIGERS! While studying at Clemson, I spent much of my time researching and helping with psychological experimental studies, focused on adolescents education. During this time... I discovered my love for teaching! I love seeing the lightbulb come on! During my free time I enjoy attending Clemson football games with my family! Grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, sitting out in the extreme hot or freezing cold, and watching the Tigers run down the hill.... Sounds like my ideal day! I also enjoy traveling, reading a good book on my porch, spending time on the lake, and crafting! 

    Contact Information:


    864-269-1821 (PVMS phone) 

    Students and parents: The quickest way to contact me is via email! I have a 24-hour or less response time rate. Please contact me at any time to schedule face-to-face or phone conferences. 

    Supply List: 

    The link on the left side of your screen will direct you to my classroom 2018-2019 school supply list. Please always know your students will be provided the tools needed to succeed within my classroom, if not already provided! 

    Monthly Newsletter: 

    A monthly newsletter will be sent to all parents and students via email (or paper request) at the beginning of each month. PLEASE take the time to read through each of these newletters. Critical information about their core academic classes, my class, as well as current events at PVMS. Please click the "Monthly Newsletter" tab to the left of this page to access any current or previous newsletters. 

    Class Links: 

    Class links as well as links used within core classes will be posted in the "Class Links" tab to the left of this page. In addition, instructions for access will be posted in case students wish to work at home or forget how to login! 

    SOAR ELA--READ 180:

    READ 180 is the curriculum used for the 6th grade supplemental reading courses I teach. The curriculum is what we will work through daily! It is made to help meet the individual needs of students who may struggle with 6th grade reading content. The program is a blend of evidence-based instruction where students will spend time in three different daily stations. The first station consists of small-group instruction with me! The second station is an indepedent reading station where students will have access to e-books, books on their iPads, as well as books within the classroom that all are grouped at their current reading level. The final station is a "software" station! This is where students will work online via the desktop computer, chromebook, or iPad, to gain more supplemental instruction in reading. This program helps find students weaknesses and remediates them! I hope this program used within my classroom will encourage students to READ, READ, READ! If student's ever need an independent reading book... I have access to THOUSANDS of popular books of all genres! 

    SOAR MATH-- MATH 180: 

    MATH 180 is the curriculum used for both the 6th and 7th grade supplemental courses I teach. This curriculum is what we will use daily to help us in math! It is made to meet individual needs of students who struggle with 6th and 7th grade math content. The program is very similar to READ 180 in that it is a blend of evidence-based instruction where students spend time in stations! The first station is small-group instruction where students will receive more individualized instruction directly from me! The second station is the "software" station, where students will work indepedently on their iPads, chromebooks, or desktop to gain access to supplemental math instruction. Students will have access to games on their current math level every Thursday or Friday (depending on which day of the week I will last see the student), to help make this software time fun! 

    Tutorial Class: 

    The tutorial class is a class where students will work on homework, recieve remedial instruction they may struggle with in their classes, and practice critical study skills needed for higher education! This is a wonderful time for students to come and ASK FOR HELP! Please, encourage your students to self-advocate and tell me where they are struggling. We can get a lot accomplished during this time together! :)