Ms. Agee

  • Hey! My name is Hawley Agee (pronounced "Holly Ayyeee-geee"). 

    This is my second year of teaching at Palmetto High School. I graduated with a double major in Mathematics and Secondary Education at Clemson University in 2021. I finished my Masters at Clemson University in 2022. I am from Greenville, SC and I am so excited to stay in the upstate to continue pursuing my dream career of teaching high school math.

    From the moment I began at Palmetto, Williamston has felt like home. I cannot wait to plant more roots in this community and participate in the family-oriented traditions of this school.

    I help coach the women's soccer team. I also attend as many extracurricular activities as I can! I am excited to meet the families and siblings of my students at those events. 

    In my free time, you can find me listening to rap on Spotify while I'm on the way to my kickboxing gym. My ideal Saturday is waking up early to go hiking or kickboxing, then going to dinner and enjoying live music at a new restaurant or catching the sunset on the lake. 

    My top priority as a teacher is building meaningful and strong relationships with my students in order to support them in high school and push them towards their vision of success upon graduation. I want every student of mine to leave my class feeling more confident in themselves as a young adult and knowing that they are capable of achieving great things.

    Secondly, I value creating math lessons with real world situations that my students genuinely encounter on a daily basis. I think this is more effective than forcing students to work with textbook examples/numbers that carry no meaning to their lives. My goal is to create learning experiences that demonstrate how specific skills used in math can translate to a successful life after graduation, both on the college track and the career track.

    I look forward to meeting all of you and leading my students through a wonderful school year! If you have any questions, please email me at