Anderson School District One
    P.O. Box 99
    Williamston, SC  29697

    August 5, 2013



    To The Parents of Anderson School District One:


    In an ongoing effort to provide for the security and welfare of our students, Anderson School District One
    implemented a volunteer screening process in 2008.  This process allowed our schools and community to
    take proactive measures to ensure the safety of our students.  Many districts across our state have put similar
    programs in place to better protect students.


    To further provide  comprehensive safety for all students, Anderson School District One has installed a
    computerized system for scanning a driver’s license called School Check IN.  The School Check IN system,
    installed in 2011, is located in the front office area of all fourteen schools.  All daytime school volunteers or
    visitors must check in through the School Check IN station.  This system will scan the license and provide
    an instant background check through a national sex offender registry.  This process will eliminate the need for
    daytime volunteers to fill out the district volunteer application. 


    All volunteers who have “one on one” contact with students or who go on overnight field trips must complete
    a volunteer application.  The volunteer application will be available via this website after you read this
    letter and the documents which follow.  Each volunteer must then report to the school and have their driver’s
    license scanned with the School Check IN system before they will be allowed to volunteer one on one or
    participate in any overnight field trips.  It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure he/she has completed the
    School Check IN scan and the volunteer application.  Parents completing applications must do so for each school
    where they have children enrolled, if applicable.  The volunteer application may be duplicated for this purpose. 


    Volunteers or visitors who have a serious criminal history and/or any sexual offender convictions
    will be denied access to volunteering or visiting in Anderson District One schools.  


    Anderson School District One has a history of educational excellence.  Much of this can be attributed to the
    outstanding volunteers that make our district what it is.  Your time and talents are greatly appreciated and I
    know you will join me in continuing to make our schools safe for the students we serve.


    Dr. Kelly Pew

    Assistant Superintendent of Administration




                                                                                        A Tradition of Excellence