PTO is the parent volunteer group at Spearman Elementary. 

                By being a PTO member, you are able to have a voice in the decisions that are made for the school.  You can help decide where the money goes and you can see how the money is being spent for the school.  Being involved is a benefit for your children, as studies show that children get better grades and have better behavior when their parents are involved.

                PTO raises money for the school so we can provide supplies for teachers and other things that our budget can not cover.  We have been able to provide a movie screen and new playground equipment for the school. 

                PTO is very rewarding and fun.  You will have the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and make new friends.  Please join the PTO and help support our school. You can make a difference!

                Another easy way to earn money for our school is to link your Ingles Advantage card by going to www.ingles-markets.com/toolsforschools.  Every time you spend money at Ingles, a portion of it goes to our school.