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Home School and Charter School Students Participation in Interscholastic Activities Memo

 Home School and Charter School Students Participation in Interscholastic Activities Memo

September 14, 2018

Welcome to the Anderson School District One’s extracurricular and athletic programs.  As you are aware, two statutes were passed and signed into law by the Governor that allow home school and charter school students to try out for and, if selected, participate in interscholastic activities at their resident school.  Thank you for considering trying out for an athletic team or participating in an extracurricular activity at the public school within your attendance zone.  We want to make your transition into our programs as smooth as possible. 

Interscholastic activities in Anderson One schools are those activities sponsored solely by the resident school, are competitions carried on between schools, carry no academic credit, do not fall within the scope of the regular curriculum, or have a requirement for enrollment in a class during the regular academic day at the school.  To participate in one of these activities you will be asked to complete the application packet which can be obtained from our schools or found on the district website. The application is self-explanatory; however, should you need assistance contact the school administration or athletic director.  

Anderson School District One is a strong advocate of the value of interscholastic activities.  These activities support the academic mission of our schools, are inherently educational, and foster success in later life. 

Again, we welcome you and wish you well. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Dr. Kelly Pew

Assistant Superintendent

Anderson School District One