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Anderson District One School Board Celebrates Students With Perfect Scores

Students in Anderson One were celebrated at the recent board meeting for making a perfect score on the 2019 state test. The following students made perfect scores in ELA, Math and/or Science:

Elementary Students: Pictured Left to Right
Left to Right:

1st Row
Molly Haas, Miten Patel, Addison Dickson, Abigail Garner, Reagan Welcher, Prachi Patel, Ian Norris, Anjali Barkowski, Autumn Carver

2nd Row
Levi Miller, Kush Patel, Caiden Miller, Jack Vickery, Lainey Moore, Gage Montgomery, Jackson Ryder Miller, John Smart, Parker McDowall, Levi Jellicorse, Julia Grand

3rd Row
Nancy Upton, Board Chairperson, Kristie Finley, Tommy Bolger, Brad Moore, Jason Lesley, Amy Cothran, Robbie Binnicker, Superintendent

Not Pictured: David Vickery, Caleb Zelasko, Quinn Larkin Landrum, Ryleigh Nichole Pence, Jackson William Burgess, Jay Patel, Caleb Tucker Woodall, Jakson McJunkin.

Middle School Students: Pictured Left to Right:
Isaiah Tuttle, Hampton McDade, Erik Howard, Bryce Dickson, Maura Kindel, Grace Brocket, Dylan Beaudreau, Mardis Calloway Rankin, Michael Miller, Emma Grace Cree, Ella Shufelt

Not Pictured: Averie Elizabeth Butler, Kaiden James McVean and Alexis Sibanda