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Questions and Answers 2018-19 Traffic Patterns for Powdersville Elementary, Middle and High

Q: Can you tell us about the new road that is being built between Powdersville Middle and Roe Road?

A: Prior to 18-19 school year, Hood Road was the only option for student drop-off and pick-up at the three Powdersville Schools.  This caused Hood Road to be very congested in the mornings and afternoons.  The district purchased land and with Anderson County assistance, built a road connecting Powdersville Middle to Roe Road.  The road is funded with Local Option Sales Tax (Penny Sales Tax) Funds.  The road should be complete prior to the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. 

Q: Who should use the new connector road?

A: The connector road is designed to move all of Powdersville Middle AM and PM car traffic off Hood Road and onto Roe Road.  Powdersville Middle Parents dropping students off in the morning or picking them up after school should use Roe Road and the new connector road.  Parents will not be able to access the Powdersville Middle car line from Hood Road.

Q: Can we still use Hood Road to pick up or drop off Powdersville Middle students at times other than arrival and dismissal?

A: Yes, parents who are bringing students after normal AM arrival or picking up before normal PM dismissal may continue to use Entrance “B” off Hood Road.  However, this route is not available during normal arrival and dismissal times.

Q: What are the arrival and dismissal times for the three Powdersville Schools for 2018-19?


School                                     Doors Open                Tardy Bell                   Dismissal

Concrete Primary                       7:20 AM                      8:00 AM                      2:20 PM

Powdersville Elementary           7:20 AM                      8:00 AM                      2:35 PM

Powdersville Middle                    7:20 AM                      8:10 AM                      3:10 PM

Powdersville High                       7:20 AM                      8:00 AM                      3:05 PM


Q: What do you recommend if I have a Powdersville Middle and Powdersville Elementary Student?

A: You have two choices:

  1. Drop-off and pick-up each student separately using Hood Road for Powdersville Elementary and Roe Road for Powdersville Middle.
  2. Drop-off and pick-up both students at Powdersville Elementary using Hood Road and allow the middle school student to walk back and forth from the middle school. There is a crossing guard to assist in this process in the morning and afternoon.  In the afternoon, parents should pick up their elementary student, park at the elementary school and wait for their middle school student.   For safety concerns, elementary students are not allowed to be dropped off at the middle school.

Roe Road