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Attestation of At-Home COVID-19 Test Result Form

By completing the below form you are attesting  that the at-home / over-the-counter rapid COVID-19 test described below was performed on the following student.  The test was administered on the individual and the results belong to the test performed on them.  The test was performed following the instructions provided by the test kit.   

At-Home Covid-19 tests cannot be used for initial diagnosis of Covid-19. If a person is symptomatic and completes a home test (or chooses not to be tested), we will isolate/quarantine students based on that information; however, without a lab test confirming results, individuals would not be able to have the 90 day exemption from quarantine if identified as a close contact in the future. 

 We accept home tests for close contacts who are not symptomatic.  

Students must receive district-issued quarantine guidance through the school BEFORE they submit verification of at-home rapid-test results. At-home rapid-test results will not be accepted for individuals exhibiting symptoms.  Symptomatic individuals must follow isolation guidelines as stated in the most recent DHEC exclusion guidance.  Schools will not be able to accept at-home rapid-test results if student guidance has not been previously issued. 

Please note it is the responsibility of the student’s family to obtain the at-home rapid-test. Please check with your school's nurse regarding the availability of at-home tests.


Attestation of At-Home Covid-19 Test Form