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Revised Quarantine/Isolation Procedures for Covid-19 (Most Recent Update 3.1.22)

Revised 3.1.22

DHEC has modified the Covid-19 Guidance for Schools and Exclusion List.  These updates will assist in the transition to learning, working, and living with Covid-19 with minimal disruptions in our schools. Beginning Monday, February 28, 2022, Anderson School District One will allow each school to suspend the Covid-19 Exclusion Criteria, such as Test to Stay, Quarantine, Contact Tracing, Required Testing, and Masks for those identified as Close Contacts who are asymptomatic. This means for students not exhibiting COVID symptoms it is BACK TO NORMAL!!  Contact tracing, testing, and masking of close contacts without symptoms is no longer required. 

Isolation and mask requirements for those who have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19 will remain unchanged.   Quarantine is required for 5 days. Students may return for days 6-10 wearing a mask as long as symptoms have improved and no fever for 24 hours. Parents should continue to contact the school nurse if a student tests positive or has COVID symptoms.

In the event that a school has 10% or more of students/staff absent due to Covid-19 during two consecutive one-week periods, the Exclusion Criteria will temporarily be put back into place for that school.  We are hopeful this will never be necessary.

This new Covid-19 guidance is similar to the Influenza guidance that has been successfully utilized in schools over the past several years.  We thank you for your cooperation with the changes in our protocols as we transition from pandemic to endemic status. Please contact the school nurse with any questions.