Garden Club Grant


Wren Elementary's garden was awarded the Carolina Fence Garden Grant for 2012-2013 by South Carolina Palmetto Pride Litter Trashes Everyone.  The garden club student members, teachers, parents and community members will create a Carolina Fence Garden.  This project will encompass all things that represent our beautiful state of South Carolina.  We will build a split rail fence which represents the late 1800's and early 1900's for farmers and landowners for fencing in live stock.  We will plant South Carolina's state flower, the Yellow Jessamine which its fragrance attracts butterflies and bees.  We will plant Indian Grass which is our state grass which various wildlife visit.  Our state wildflower, Goldenrod will be planted which provides nectar for butterflies and bees as well as seeds for our local birds.  Native wildflowers will be planted to attract our state butterfly, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Throughout our garden we will place Carolina Wren birdhouses for our feathered friends to enjoy. To add aesthetic beauty to our garden area we will place our state stone, Blue Granite.

Since our grant was established, from 2013 to present (2016), this grant has made an impact on our school garden club students.  Monthly the students take care of the garden beds by weeding them, fill up bird feeders, pick up trash around our school yard, and bring in seeds and flowers to plant for our school. 




Wren Elementary’s school garden was certified in August 2012 as a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.