Yearbook & School Pictures

How Can I Buy A Yearbook or Yearbook Ad?

Click HERE to purchase a yearbook online directly from Jostens. 

8th grade ads are available for purchase through Jostens as well. Honor your student's last year in middle school with an easy to design ad featuring your child! Student ads will only be seen by the adviser so the ad can be a surprise. Click HERE to order an 8th grade ad.

If you prefer to purchase your yearbook through the school using cash or check, send your money in to the front office or Mrs. Cole. Personalization can be purchased online or through Mrs. Cole. 

Please contact the Yearbook Advisor, Mrs. Cole, with any questions. Click here to email Mrs. Cole

How can I submit a photo for the yearbook?

1. The best way to submit a photo is to download and install the REPLAYIT app from the iTunes or Android store.  Create an account and use the app to submit your photos.
2. You can also email your photos to Mrs. Cole, the yearbook advisor.  
Email Mrs. Cole. Please include information such as who is in the photo, the event date and title, and how you can be contacted if there are questions. 

What types of photos can I submit?

1. Submit photos of students in activities outside of school, on field trips, vacations, or at sports events.
2. Submit photos of students who are working, at church events, or who are volunteering in the community.
3. Submit photos that capture a story, action, or emotion that would be difficult to get here at school.
4. Do not submit 8th grade ad photos through either of the above means.  Use the
Jostens Ad link to upload and create your 8th grade ad.
5. Do not submit selfies.  Really, we get enough of those.  

Please note:  Whether or not to use a photo in the yearbook is up to the yearbook staff and advisor.  We appreciate your photos, but do not guarantee we will always be able to use them.  

Ordering School Pictures

Event Code: FE83623
Also Needed: Powerschool Unique Student ID 

Good news! JostensPIX was recently at your school to photograph picture day, and your student's photos are now available for viewing and ordering!
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  • You can personalize your photos with a variety of backgrounds and text

  • Photos are shipped directly to your home

  • High-res digital downloads are available

  • If you have more than one child, you can order together and pay once